All about me

     Hello all I did a thing. Let me start by introducing my self, My name is Jenn/Jenny-pooh/Ninny/Jenny-girl and many more variations of Jennifer just depends on who you ask. I am currently 22 until August, and I started a blog.

     Growing up I was always super shy, shy to the point where I wouldn’t speak to you if you were not in my family. But I’ve always loved telling stories, and have been told by multiple people I should write a book (that might still be a thing so stay tuned) because I am so animated while telling stories and sometimes a little dramatic. I have had so many random, hard to believe, would only happen to me experiences that my family is probably tired of hearing about so I want to share them with the world.

I’m not going to get into too much here because then there is no point for me to even have a blog. So sit back, buckle up, remember I have never done this before and enjoy a little piece of my mind and maybe a piece of my heart as well.


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