Stepping up and Stepping in part 1

I’m just going to start by diving into some deep water. This was going to be all in one post but I figured it would be way too long so it will now span over three parts. Here goes noting. When I was a child and thought of step parents my mind immediately traveled to Cinderella and her evil step mom, that terrified me. My mom raised me and my three brothers by herself for about thirteen years before she got remarried, don’t worry my step dad is nothing even close to evil.

So obviously my biological parents are separated and have been since I was like one. My bio dad got remarried first and that worked out for them but not for me. It was very hard for me to go to his house every other weekend to a place where not only was I uncomfortable but felt unwanted and unloved. This has been weighing on mind and heart very heavy lately for many reasons that I’ll get to eventually, so bear with me.

My dad (step dad) took on the role of father to four kids and at the time the grand father to two granddaughters. He isn’t just my moms husband, he is my dad. He has always understood that my mom was a packaged deal, a package that came with four children. He understood this so well that he asked me and my brothers for our permission before he proposed. This is so much different from what I grew up with.

My bio mom is amazing, she really is an angel, I don’t know where I would be in life if it wasn’t for her. She has always supported my dreams and ambitions no matter how crazy they have been, I leaned on her a lot when I was younger especially when I came home from my bio dads, she always asked me how my weekend was and made it a point to tell me that it is okay to have the feelings I was having. She was my support system. I am a mommas girl through and through. I used to be so worried about what would happen when I moved out since I am the youngest child. But then my step dad came into our lives and the worry faded. He made sure that we came first and he understood that my mom was all me and my brothers had for a long time. He made sure we knew he wasn’t going to be leaving.

My step dad completely changed my view of step parents, He stepped up and stepped into a position and so far has done an amazing job including us kids (not really kids anymore) in his life and his life with my mom. We aren’t just her kids were their kids. All of this has a point and I promise I’ll get there soon, so stay tuned for a little piece of my mind.

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