When you know you know

Mine and Thomas’ relationship has been fast. From the first I love yous on our first date to him moving in in December, three months into our relationship, but it also felt so right, so natural. Nothing has been forced, nothing felt as though it was too fast. It’s the kind of love everyone around me can see it radiating off of me.

The other day me and Thomas were having dinner and we got to talking about how long we’ve been together compared to how long we’ve lived together. It’s crazy to think he moved in about three months after we started dating. But he said “when you know you know”. This hit me hard hearing him say that because I remembered a conversation I had with one of my sisters not long after we started talking. I walked into her house smiling of course because he’s just amazing. But she looked me dead in the eyes and told me I looked like a dork because of the massive smile I had. Soooo I had to tel her all about this guy I was talking to. Less than a week after that conversation I told her we were dating and I told her I know it happened fast but it just feels right, she said “when you know you know”.

My wonderful mother and I had a conversation not long before I met Thomas and we were talking about a previous relationship I had. I thought he was the one but deep down I knew he wasn’t. I wasn’t in a healthy relationship but there was a piece of me saying you have to put up with this because this is it for you. She told me she knew he wasn’t the one and she would not have let me marry him. I thank god she would’ve stopped me. Not long after she met Thomas we were out to dinner and she asked me in the parking lot if I thought he was the one, I could only nod because I was just so incredibly happy finally, and she just knew.

The point is is that there is no timeline in love, there is no set thing saying by the time you’ve been together for six months you can start talking about how you love each other, after a year move in together, a year and a half engaged. That’s not how this works. It can either happen super fast or super slow. It varies person to person. You have to trust yourself and trust your partner. Don’t compare your relationship to that of others because just like everyone is different, every relationship is different. When you find your true love you will know and you will know how fast or how slow to take it, don’t rush it because you think you have to but at the same time don’t hold back your feelings because you think it’s way too soon because after all when you know you just know.

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