Would you trim his nose hairs?

Recently, as in this past week recently I moved out of my parents house into my own two bedroom house, with Thomas. As I have said in a previous post we started living together late November early December, but now we have our own place. I grew up with three boys, so I always thought I could easily live with my significant other when I was dating or when I got married. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NO WHERE NEAR THE SAME. Ok so let me tell you living with your significant other is nowhere near the same as a sibling of the opposite or same sex…I don’t judge. Also living with them on your own is crazy different from with your parents, their parents, or even roommates. we stayed the night with each other on occasion before so we could be all cute and then do all the gross hygiene things when the other was gone again and be our normal probably gross selves (not saying I or he was fake at all). But when y’all are together every single night and a good portion of the day eventually you will need to shower, or burp, or relieve yourself. You can’t spend your whole life keeping all that in literally. You grow to be comfortable with them, and gross together. Not too long ago Thomas was sick and I mean sick sick, like he broke a fever three times a night and I woke up covered in his sweat sick, but I took care of him. One morning I woke up with major allergy issues, blew my nose and went on to tell him the color and consistency of my snot, not even thinking about who I was telling, it was just a natural thing. But we still love each other at the end of the day. Thomas is so mature but at the same time so child like, there is not a day that goes by in our house that we are not playing around or laughing, I mean same though. We bought a nose hair trimmer a few months ago, yes the title matches this time. The whole time picking one out, which study up on trimmers people because we were faced with options I didn’t know existed, I was so freaking excited. As soon as we got home I tore into that trimmer ready to take down the hairs in his nose, and yes I will admit I scared him becasue of my excitment but if I am going to spend my life with someone I am going to be all up in their nose hair. It is something to really think about, if you are not up to taking care of them, and holding them while they break a fever, if you are not going to look at the weird spot on their back, if you are not going to ask them to go to the bathroom wih the door cracked because its storming outside andeven though youre 22 years old they terrify you, if you are not willing to trim their nose hairs then do not live with them, if you’re not willing to get all up in their face, or back or weird spot on their leg then do not live together. If you can’t be comfortable with them enough to wear sweat pants or go without makeup, or dare I say fart in front of them then do not because that is not a way to live life. Be comfortable with your significant other in your house or their house or wherever y’all are. You should always be able to be your grossest self with your love.

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