True love

Me and Thomas recently celebrated our first anniversary, so in honor of that I present to you my thoughts on true love.

There’s a saying going around that you won’t find your true love or your soulmate until you love yourself first. That is complete bs. While I agree that you should love yourself, it does not say anywhere that your true love will stay away from you if you don’t.

I met Thomas at the end of August 2017, I did not 100% love myself then, hell there are some days I don’t fully love myself now. However I’m blessed in the way he loves me even when I can’t love myself. Isn’t that what it’s about? If you can honestly say you love everything about yourself wouldn’t change a thing then more power to you, I am slightly jealous of you because you are a rare breed. For those of you like me who look in the mirror and see things they think need changing do not fear for love is there for you. If you’ve heard the saying you find love when you least expect it to happen, now that is true. I believe that 110%, I wasn’t looking for anyone when Thomas found me. I had myself convinced that I was going to be the aunt that showed up to family events and birthday parties alone but with extravagant gifts because I don’t have to spend the money on anyone else and I would leave and go home alone and that was going to be forever because I didn’t love myself enough for anyone else to love me. At the same time my mom always told me you’ll find him when you aren’t looking so then I focused on not looking…that doesn’t work. But when I least expected it, on a work trip mind you, he found me. And I say he found me because I was way too shy to really talk to anyone. It wasn’t something I was looking for it was something that I needed but didn’t know it.

I didn’t truly love myself when me and Thomas started dating, there’s days I still avoid looking in mirrors, but that’s ok because I found someone who will love me enough for the both of us on days I can’t love myself. Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to do this that and the other before your true love comes. Because it’s probably bs, just be yourself, and remember everything happens when it’s supposed to happen even true love.

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