I have many titles in my life, daughter, sister, girlfriend, bonus mom, the list goes on and on. One of the most important one is Ninny. I am an aunt, and being an aunt is so important to me, being able to be apart of my nieces and nephews lives is very rewarding. I am their Ninny. Story time, my oldest niece started the Ninny epidemic, when she started really talking she couldn’t put aunt and Jenny together it always came out Ninny, all the others followed suit. Being an aunt, to me, is more than just seeing the kids on holidays and birthdays. It’s cheering them on in every softball, soccer, t-ball game, watching their faces light up when they spot you in the crowed at a school concert. It’s holding them when they are sad, it’s helping them with homework and waiting to see their test score. I remember every place I was, what I was doing each time one of my brothers told me I was going to be an aunt, I remember what I was doing when I found out if it was going to be a boy or girl. My point is, is I try very hard to be apart of their lives, I want them to know that they can always tell me anything and unless it’s causing them harm I won’t tell a soul, I want them to know that I will always be in the stands, or in the crowed cheering them on no matter what they choose to do. I absolutely love it when my oldest niece tells me what she wants to be when she grows up, even if it changes every time, I love it. My heart is always full when my nephew hands me a stack of books bigger than him and says “Ninny will you read these to me?” And he curls up next to me and I am in heaven. I love it. I am an aunt, I kiss booboos, I get asked if I’m their mom anytime I take them somewhere, I get after them when their attitude gets too big for their britches, I chase away monsters and encourage them to chase their dreams, even the crazy ones like professional bull riding (that terrifies me). I am their built-in best friend, and I will always consider them my babies, even when they have children of their own (they know that isn’t allowed lol) they will forever be my babies. I am more than just their aunt I am their Ninny.

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