A letter to my momma

Dear momma,

It’s me, your favorite, we all know it’s true don’t try and hide it the boys know too. Thank you for raising me to be so kind hearted, so caring, and so much like you. I know you think you failed a lot when me and the boys were growing up, but you didn’t, you are the best momma. Because of you I help those in need because we’ve all been there or could be there. You held me when I was scared, you tried your hardest to teach me to roller skate and you were the only one with battle scars. You showed me what a strong woman looks like in the face of hard situations. You taught me to never quit even when I really wanted to, to push through. Thank you for letting me in kitchen and teaching me that the best kitchens get messy. You let me be me every time. Because of you I know everything will be ok, even if it’s not today, everything will be ok. And also everything will come out in the wash so no need to steep over others wrong doings. Because of you I have such a positive outlook on things and I appreciate that more than you’ll know. I know I haven’t been the perfect child, I, like many others have had my wild years, the ones where I try to push my mom away when in reality you were my only real friend at the time. Because of you I came back, better than ever with lessons learned and wounds healed. Thank you, thank you for the nights you went without so we wouldn’t have to. Thank you for working three jobs just so you could provide. Thank you for putting your children first all the time. Thank you for letting me sleep in your bed when my brother scared me out of my room. Thank you for telling me stories when I was younger, my absolute favorite is when you tell me god gave you me when he knew you would need someone to make you laugh. God knew what he was doing because I needed you too. Thank you for supporting me, and listening to me. Thank you for disciplining me when needed, and thank you for knowing when I needed to make my own mistakes. Thank you for holding me through my many heartaches even though they seem so small now, then, they were a huge deal. Most importantly thank you for my faith, because of you I not only grew up in a loving home but also an amazing church family. I know I don’t say it nearly but I love you with my whole heart, you are one of if not my biggest hero in my life. I do not know where I would be if I didn’t have you. I’m sorry for all the times I’ve hurt you with my words or my actions, and thank you for forgiving me. You are my biggest fan and that means so so much. You are one of the most beautiful people on this planet and I am blessed to be your daughter. I love you higher than the sky, deeper than the ocean and higher than the waves over your head

-Jenn/Jennifer Lynn/Jennygirl.

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