Merry Christmas!

I have something to get off my chest…I LOVE Christmas. I love everything about it, the lights, the decorations, family coming around you don’t get to see that much hearing and seeing people do good things for strangers selflessly, everything. I love the spirit that comes with the holiday season, the love the giving the happiness. Christmas makes me so happy, you can ask Thomas I love Christmas. It’s not the presents it’s not the food it’s just this unexplainable magic in the air feeling that overwhelms me and makes me fall in love with Christmas every year. When I was younger my mom always did her best to make Christmas special for us we always had a real tree up until we found out I am deathly allergic, except for one year. We couldn’t afford a real tree or very expensive things but let me tell you when we pulled out this tiny fake tree that even then didn’t go past my knees and we put it up on a tote and my mom dragged out all our ornaments we’ve gotten a new one every year since our first Christmas and we decorated that tree like we did every year lights and all. It was still our Christmas. That was the year me and my brothers got an electric toothbrush, back when they first started becoming a thing and I was so excited I felt so grown up and once again I was in love with Christmas. I don’t care if I don’t have anything under the tree because that doesn’t do it for me. I care about my family being around the tree, I care that my nieces and nephews and bonus kids have smiles on their faces and laughter in their hearts. Christmas is so so much more than just a day to eat and get things, it’s a celebration it’s so hard to explain in words the pure joy I feel from December 1st all the way to Christmas. Every year me and my mom would watch endless Christmas movies from the old time cartoons that look kinda creepy sometimes to the very predictable but cliff hanging hallmark ones, I could probably tell you the whole movie of how the grinch stole Christmas (first movie I ever saw in theaters) line for line. I love the different traditions that come with Christmas, at my moms house every one has a stocking and me and my mom always pick them out together this year we have 17! Every Christmas Eve we go to the candle light service at my church, it’s always so beautiful and exactly what I need to hear/ where I need to be. I’ll be honest I don’t always hone in on the Christmas spirit year round, but this season being in my own house for the first time on Christmas, I sat down while wrapping presents and thought why not? Why can’t I be this happy year round? Why can’t I keep the Christmas magic and warmth all year? Why do we have one season where we give and give without expecting much, if anything in return when this world would be so much better if we just did it all the time? So I leave you with this on Christmas Eve, a challenge of sorts to keep the spirit and the magic and the kindness year round even if it’s just in your hearts and I wanna know where we’ll be in a years time. I’m sure it’ll be amazing. So from my overly excited and Christmasy heart to yours merry Christmas and happy holidays

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