Life plans

When I was a little girl I always had the dreams or the plans to be married by the time I was 22, and have at least one child by the time I was 25. I’ll give you a moment to laugh. In honor of my recent 24th birthday, and not being married and having two bonus kids, I did a lot of thinking on how my life is nothing, not anything close to what I thought it was going to be when I was eight or nine. I’m not upset about how my life is now, I don’t regret anything because I’m not married yet or that I don’t have biological kids. I’ve learned that you can’t plan your life, you can have a guide line but you can’t say at this age I’ll be engaged, then married then by the time I’m this age I’ll have three kids. Life doesn’t work that way. You make the plans when you’re young or even when you’re older and things happen in your life that you can’t control, you can’t change, and life happens how it’s supposed to happen no matter what you plan or how prepared for anything you think you are. Now I’m not saying don’t set goals. I love setting and reaching goals. I’m saying don’t plan your life out year by year and expect it to work out perfectly, you grow and change and discover new things about your self every single day. Don’t limit yourself to what you think you want or where you think you should be at this point in your life, it’s not worth the stress and worry. I am 24 years old, I’m not married yet, I have two amazing bonus kids, I haven’t finished school yet, but I’m working on it. I’m taking life day by day and I’m happy, I don’t stress about not being in a place in my life that I planed when I was eight and that’s ok. Be ok with where you are in your life, be ok with living without planning every single second of your life and just live it, but most importantly love it.

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