Story time: mug of coffee

Ok so I’m going to randomly throw in some story times because I have so many, this one is the one that really lit the fire under my butt to start writing because when I told this story I got so into it every single time. Ok so when me and Thomas lived in the city, I would sometimes drive Thomas to work when I was off. So early morning on the interstate and we’re behind this minivan full of three women. Ok so to set this up I’m a very imaginative person, I like to play the game of guess their life, not in a judgmental type of way but in a joking type of way. So I picture these three women in this minivan as straight out the suburbs, soccer moms on their way to a shopping spree. So we’re behind this van, and I see the driver pick up an actual mug like ceramic mug that you would drink at your kitchen table or your front porch mug of coffee and DRINK IT. My mind already blown by this sight then the passenger picks up A MUG OF COFFEE and it gets better. The lady in the back seat ALSO HAS A MUG OF COFFEE. They’re all cruising down the interstate at 70 mph with open freaking cups of hot beverages…who does that? Is that not hazardous?! I can only imagine taking a sharp turn with a mug chillin in your cup holder with your hot coffee splashing around your car. Not only that what if you drop it? That mug is just chillin in the open?! What if it’s your favorite mug and you break it because you’re flying down the highway drinking it?! Do you know they make mugs specifically for travel? My mind is obviously still blown by this, I think about it all the time literally all the time. I just can’t imagine a car that has cup holders big enough to hold a mug with a handle of coffee. Who hurt you so bad that you take a mug of coffee on a drive instead of a thermos, not only that but wouldn’t it get cold quickly? THAT IS WHY THEY HAVE A THERMOS. Also I don’t think I trust anyone enough to ride in their car with an open mug of a hot beverage. I rarely trust myself to drink coffee with a lid at a stoplight. It just baffles me. Every singe time I drive on that part of the interstate I immediately think of the multiple mugs of coffee in the van. I still have so many questions.

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