“Almost mom”

So I’ve been sitting on this one for a while now, it’s slowly been eating at me and I can’t take it anymore. I am a bonus mom, a proud bonus mom. I love my bonus kids with every piece of my being. This past Mother’s Day we had them for a bit and at a family function I was told happy Mother’s Day by a few and given some hand made cards by my niece, however I was also told you’re almost a mom, so you don’t get a happy Mother’s Day, you’re not there yet. This struck me to my very core. I know I will never replace their mom, that is not my goal in life that is not what I set out to do. I set out to be another person that loves and cares for them. And I think I accomplish that. But you don’t dare tell me I’m not a mom. You wouldn’t tell someone who is a foster mom she’s not a mom, or someone who adopted that they are not a mom or that they are almost a mom. You wouldn’t dare tell someone who has suffered the loss of a child at any stage/age they are not a mom. You don’t tell a bonus mom she’s not a mom. I work hard everyday for my bonus babies. I make sure they have clean clothes at our house, have enough to eat, get the right medicine when they have a cold or a cough, I read with them, laugh with them, work on math problems, cook with them. I love them. I pray for them. I worry about them all the time. For the love of everything I had my four year old bonus son laying in my lap while I picked his nose, and clipped his finger and toe nails. Just as a reminder with the holidays coming up to think before you speak your opinions on the definition of a mom. I am a mom, a bonus mom. I would lay down my life for my kids, I will protect them at all cost, I am their extra teammate in life, an extra person to love them, to be another listening ear. Someone to give extra hugs and tuck them into bed sung as a bug in a rug. I am a proud, loving, bonus mom. And that is a little piece of mind.

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